Feather IFR Training Hood

The Best IFR/IMC Training Device for Pilots

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Feather IFR Training Hood


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  • Weighs less than 1 ounce
  • Fits comfortably over or under any headset
  • Folds up to store easily in a flight bag, knee board, or pocket
  • Accepted by the FAA for check rides
  • Designed by an 11,500+ hour CFII-ATP pilot
  • Made in the USA and sold around the world since 1997
  • One size fits all

The Feather IFR training hood is lightweight, comfortable, and effective.  Known previously as simply "The Best Hood," it truly is!

This hood is used by pilots during flight training to simulate flying in the clouds.  It restricts their view to only the flight instruments, forcing them to fly without any external references to the ground or horizon.

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Truly FANTASTIC! The best view limiting device I have ever used.

Owner of a jet sales company

So lightweight, simple, stores flat, does not break, does not distort my vision like glasses do. Thanks for a very functional and friendly product.


I have used a bunch of view limiting devices. Your hoods are by far the best.


It appears that my search for the perfect hood is over! It's remarkable how something so simple can work so well!

Jonathan (CFII)

It's lightweight so you don't even feel it, very easy on and off, and honestly has the best view blocking of any hood I've used including the big plastic ones.  Sometimes the simplest solution really is the best.

Jetcareers forums

My students prefer your hood over other brands, and I don't blame them. I will continue to promote your hood in my instructing. It works just perfectly.

Brian (CFII)

This thing is brilliant in its simplicity. Coming from someone who wears glasses, you are a lifesaver. Was researching options and people rave about your product.


Looks can be deceiving because this puppy is extremely lightweight, but effective.  I buy them by the dozen and distribute them to pilots I train.  The first reaction is often one of skepticism, but after 10 minutes every pilot who has tried it is sold.


They are awesome. So simple, so compact, and so efficient. This is the first useful product that I have ever purchased in aviation at such an affordable price.